Cooking with Toddlers

Cooking with toddlers can seem like an overwhelming task. I know- I have two of them! But it really doesn’t have to be something to dread- with a little preparation, cooking with toddlers is fun, easy, and infinitely rewarding! You get to bond with your little ones, teach them countless skills and concepts in a hands-on, practical setting, and try yummy foods together.  This week’s Discover & Explore features include posts with handy tips and recipes to try with your toddlers.

Cooking with Toddlers at Twodaloo

Sam’s Smoothies at How Wee Learn has a great example of using a visual recipe along with a yummy smoothie to try with your toddler.

Making Applesauce with Preschoolers at One Fine Day is a great example of cooking a simple recipe with a small group- perfect for siblings or a play date. This recipe is appropriate for toddlers as well- totally doing it on our next twin playdate!

Ten Ways Kids Can Help in the Kitchen by What We Do All Day has some suggestions for getting kids involved with dinner prep- some are more appropriate for older children but others are perfect for the toddler age group.

Eat The Rainbow Challenge at Homegrown Friends is a fun way to talk to little ones about nutrition and food choices- we have been talking about doing a modified version of this at our house once the holiday craziness is over!

Five Ways Toddlers Can Learn, Play, and Help in the Kitchen by Kids’ Play Space shows some simple ways the author involves her 2.5 year old in cooking activities.

Montessori-Inspired Food Preparation for Preschoolers at Living Montessori Now is a fantastic resource full of ideas for building independence in the kitchen with toddlers and preschoolers. I’m bookmarking this one for my personal collection!

Cooking with Preschoolers at Love Preschool includes some super easy, fun lunch ideas that can be prepared with toddlers and preschoolers. Such a great post!

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For more ideas and recipes for cooking with kids, be sure to check out the full collection at the original linky HERE!

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  2. Thanks so much for the feature! We actually need to make some more applesauce now that I think of it :-)