Easy Butterfly Art Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Hello friends! Today I’d like to share a super simple art activity for toddlers and preschoolers as part of our Spring Play Days series. This week I am teaming up with some of my blogging buddies for three days of spring activities for kids to provide you with some seasonal play and learning inspiration. Be sure to check out Fun-A-Day!Nothing if Not Intentional Buggy and Buddy, and Fantastic Fun and Learning for more spring play ideas…after you check out our easy and colorful fine motor butterfly activity, of course!

Butterfly Art Activity from Twodaloo

Easy Butterfly Art Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This was one of those posts that I almost didn’t bother writing up because the activity is SO simple…and then I reminded myself that sometimes, simple is best! I don’t want y’all to get the idea that we sit around doing elaborate activities every single day, because that’s just not how we roll. On the contrary- most days our creativity is in the form of bits and bobs and random doodles and lots and lots of building blocks…and I believe that’s the way it should be!

Card stock butterflies and Wikki Stix

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Today’s activity used exactly two materials, and it literally occupied the twins (age 3) for most of the afternoon because they returned to it several times.  We’ve been talking a lot about spring lately and one of the things the kiddos are most excited about this year is a butterfly raising kit that we were given for Christmas, so I decided to cut some butterflies out of card stock for them to decorate.  When I was rummaging for decorating materials, I came across a package of Wikki Stix (find them HERE on Amazon) that were given to us some time ago and decided to let the twins run wild with them.

Wikki Stix Man

If you’ve never played with Wikki Stix…they are just too cool! They are basically colorful wax strings that are a strange mix of bendy and sticky. When I worked in the schools as a speech pathologist, the occupational therapists and developmental skills teachers used them frequently for fine motor and pre-writing tasks- there are SO many uses for them (including making armies of Wikki people as seen above).  What’s really great is that they adhere to paper enough not to fall off, but lightly enough so they can be repositioned, and they don’t lose their sticking power!

Placing the Wikki Stix on the butterflyUpon seeing the materials, both kiddos could hardly contain themselves. We’ve played with these before and they were SO excited to get their hands on them once again. They got right to work peeling the Wikki Stix off the crinkly plastic, pulling them apart carefully, and placing them on their respective butterflies in just the right spots. Lots of fine motor work here!

Placing the Wikki Stix on the butterflyHere Sydney is sneaking in a little pretend play- two brightly colored “wormies” are conversing in an animated fashion.

Close up of Wikki StixAlthough the twins’ butterflies may look like a jumble to you, I see a riot of color and texture and the hard work of my kiddos as their little fingers worked to get all the strands “just so.”

Wikki Stix Butterfly

Just to show you what an older child might do with these materials, I made a butterfly myself, since I am definitely childlike in my behavior a good portion of the time 😉 Seriously though, a lot of learning is possible with these materials- patterning? counting? exploring symmetry?

Easy Butterfly Art Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers And in case you were wondering, the Wikki Stix really do stay put when the butterflies are hung on the wall 😉

Spring Play Days!

We’ll be back on Thursday with another spring play idea- in the meantime, don’t forget to check out what my friends are up to…I guarantee you’ll have a case of spring fever by the time you’re through!

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  1. These are super cute!

  2. This post gives me reason #4321 why I realllllly need to try Wikki Stix! Thanks for the ideas. They’ve been on my list for awhile!

  3. These are so simple – and perfect for many age groups. The Wikki Stix really stick to the paper when you hang them? Wow!

  4. This is awesome and so simple! We just painted our “Spring” sign for the art wall, these will go wonderfully, thanks for the idea! My little ones is 18 months so I think we’ll do the suncatchers, I absolutely love your art projects!


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