Owning Our Decision to Homeschool

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I'm smart. But I'm not very brave. I'm smart enough to know that for my family, homeschooling makes sense. That the freedom to cultivate a lifelong love of learning unmarred by drills and testing and inappropriate standards is something I am lucky to be able to take advantage of. That I may not have a crystal ball to see into our … {read more}

Here Comes the Sun: A New Season for Twodaloo


Summer is upon us here in Texas, and despite the already suffocating heat, I am ecstatic. These past few weeks of sunshine have been a welcome relief from an unbelievably turbulent stretch of weather- rain, severe storms, flooding, and more rain have rocked our region and caused some serious damage and even loss of life. Our little lakefront … {read more}

Farm Activities: DIY Straw Paintbrushes


This week at school we have a special field trip planned- we're going to a real working farm! Naturally I wanted to plan explorations in the classroom that would tie in with the excitement of our farm visit, and I thought I'd show you one of the most simple ones today- painting with "straw" brushes at the easel. Seriously, this couldn't be much … {read more}

Weather Sensory Bottles for Circle Time


Last week I added a new element to our circle time routine in my two- and three-year-olds classes...a simple weather check. I wanted some sort of hands-on manipulative to keep the children engaged and make the concept of weather more tangible, so I decided to try my hand at making some simple weather sensory bottles. These sensory bottles only took … {read more}

Play-Based Learning Snapshots: Stamping Circles


Recently I was asked to give a talk on play-based learning to a group of interested parents and teachers. Since this is a topic near and dear to my heart, I agreed immediately...it's a subject I could talk about for days! ┬áIt was such a great experience- we held the meeting in my classroom, and after my presentation I pulled in my sensory table for … {read more}

Community Helpers: Firefighter Sensory Play


Hi friends! Last week we started exploring community helpers in my two- and three-year-old classroom. I was prepared to talk about several different "heroes," but the children were so excited about firefighters that we never even moved on from that theme! For our sensory table, I wanted to come up with a hands-on activity that would spark lots … {read more}

A “Holey” Table and Some Magic Moments


Play-based learning is a lot of things. It's messy, vibrant, and exuberant. When it's clicking, when it's really humming, it's a joy to watch. In short, it's one of the most beautiful things you'll ever see, if you can really appreciate what you are looking at. This is the "touch table" that lives in my classroom. Well, actually, on the back … {read more}

Apple Sensory Play With Dyed Beans


Hello friends! We had a great time exploring apples last week, both at school with my students (ages 2 and 3) and at home with the twins (almost 4...sniff!). Here's a sensory and art material that all the kids have been enjoying...dyed beans in apple colors! After seeing these adorable tiny apples over at Fun-A-Day, I knew I wanted to create … {read more}

Easy Apple Sensory Bottles


This week in the two- and three-year-old class, we are exploring apples! As a lover of all things autumnal, I have been chomping at the bit to start incorporating it into our activities, and I finally got my wish today. The children were fascinated and a good time was had by all...and it's only Monday! I'll post a recap of all our activities after … {read more}