Giving Power To Your Child’s Words: Encouraging Literacy Through Meaningful Activities


If you've been reading Twodaloo for awhile, you know that I promote meaningful, organic literacy experiences for young children.  You can read more about meaningful literacy here, and also get some ideas for creating a literacy-rich environment. My twins (age 3.5) don't know the alphabet song. They can identify some of the letters in their names … {read more}

Big Process Art: Rainbow Ice Painting


A few weeks ago I led a messy art camp at our cooperative preschool. Toward the end of the week we had a Frozen/ice-themed day that everyone loved- it was a great way to beat the Texas heat! One of the simple activities I made was a huge bowl of colored ice cubes for ice painting.  I brought an old sheet to use as our canvas and spread it on the … {read more}

Bubble Activities for Kids


What kid isn't fascinated by bubbles? As a speech therapist, bubbles were a staple in my bag of tricks, guaranteed to get the most reluctant little ones engaged and communicating. At messy art camp this summer, bubble day was a fan favorite, keeping our diverse group of children ages 2-5 gleefully entertained for hours. And for my own twins (age … {read more}

Rainbow Burst Oobleck


Ever since the twins were very small, the simple combination of cornstarch and water has never failed to fascinate them. If you haven't played with oobleck (otherwise known as "goop" or "cornstarch slime"), you are in for a treat- as a non-Newtonian fluid, oobleck acts like a liquid one moment and a solid the next. As the twins have gotten older … {read more}

Ocean Swirl Glitter Slime Recipe


Ok, so it may seem like we are a tiny bit slimeriffic here lately at Twodaloo...but my kids are LOVING it! We've had so much fun with our galaxy slime and taste-safe slime paint that we felt compelled to make a new batch to go with our ocean theme, and it turned out just as gorgeous (if slime can be gorgeous) as our previous versions. Ocean … {read more}

Play Recipe: Taste-Safe Rainbow Slime Paint


Hi friends! You may have noticed that I've been a little scarce this week- I've been running a fantastic messy art camp at our cooperative preschool!  It has been incredibly fun, and as a result, the twins and I are incredibly tired. However, we did muster up enough energy this afternoon to test out a new paint recipe...taste-safe slime … {read more}

Slippery Fish Taste-Safe Sensory Play


Hey friends! We're back again with another fun ocean-themed sensory play idea. This one only takes three ingredients and is safe for little ones to taste (although it doesn't taste that great so doesn't encourage further nibbling), so those of you with younger tots can try this one out. Slippery Fish Taste-Safe Sensory Play Have you heard the … {read more}

Soapy Sea Foam Sensory Play


My twins are nuts about the ocean and all its amazing creatures. With summer starting, this is the perfect time for some fun ocean activities to beat the heat! We've got several ocean-themed activities to share over the next couple of weeks, and first up is this simple but fantastic sensory play idea that kept them busy all morning long. Read on to … {read more}

Sensory Art Play: Puffy Rainbow Clouds


Have you ever wished you could paint a cloud? Even if the idea never occurred to you, I guarantee your kiddos will love this activity. Not only will they be able to create a giant, puffy cloud in a seriously cool way, they'll be able to add color to their hearts' content and THEN dive into some ooey, gooey, foamy sensory play. Art, sensory, … {read more}