Sticky Witch Hat Toddler Craft

Hello, lovelies! It’s getting spooooky ’round these parts! Today is the final installment of a three-part series I am taking part in with some of my bloggy buds, Halloween Invitations to Play. For the first three Tuesdays in October we have sharing Halloween-themed play prompts and linking to each other, so it will be easy for you to jump from blog to blog and view all the Spooktacular fun. My partners in this series include Shaunna from Fantastic Fun and Learning, Chelsey from Buggy and Buddy, Jessica from Play Trains!, Mary Catherine from Fun-A-Day, and Rachael from Nothing if Not Intentional. If you would like more information on invitations to play, this post will get you up to speed. And now, on to today’s invitation…

Invitation to Create: Sticky Witch Hats

Sticky Witch Hat Toddler Craft at Twodaloo

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Today’s invitation was super fun and completely spur-of-the-moment. My son has been really sick for several days, so I was trying to think of something relatively quiet that could engage the twins for a bit yesterday afternoon. Halloween costumes have been a topic of much discussion lately, so I decided to make some simple witch hats using the same concept that I used for our Fall Sticky Trees a few weeks ago.

Sticky Witch Hat Toddler Craft at Twodaloo

To make the hats, I used black poster board and created two small cones, which I secured with a few pieces of tape. Then I used a dinner plate to cut out two large circles from the poster board and traced the bottoms of the cones onto the center of the large circles with a piece of chalk. Finally, I cut out the circles I had just traced, slid them down over the cones, and taped them in place to make brims for the hats. To make them sticky, I covered them with strips of Contact Paper, sticky side out. To complete the invitation, I set out a tray of collage materials including glitter stars, google eyes, and silver glitter (all provided to us by Craft Project as well as plastic gems and feathers in Halloween colors. I also supplied a pile of shiny silver tissue paper (not pictured).

Sticky Witch Hat Toddler Craft at Twodaloo

True to form, Syd went right for the glitter. Every inch of that hat was covered in something sparkly.

Sticky Witch Hat Toddler Craft at Twodaloo

Will preferred the silver paper scraps and eyeballs. He was extremely meticulous about their placement.

Sticky Witch Hat Toddler Craft at Twodaloo

Although poor Bubba wasn’t quite up for a photo shoot, Syd was hurting for some attention and took the opportunity to ham it up for the camera in her creation.


This invitation was really just about having fun!  However, a healthy dose of fine motor practice and creative/pretend play was observed as well. There was quite a bit of planning/problem solving happening on Will’s part as he attempted to create the silver hat of his dreams- he learned that the silver paper would not stick on top of the eyeballs so he spent lots of time rearranging until he could make his vision a reality.  Depending on how children use the materials, there is also ample opportunity for vocabulary/language stimulation, color/shape recognition, counting and patterning, etc.

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Sticky Witch Hats

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