Sticky Sheep

*The twins are 25 months actual, 23 months adjusted

Sticky Sheep @ Twodaloo (

This was a fun activity for a cold, rainy afternoon during our farm unit.

Sticky Sheep @ Twodaloo (

To set it up, I just needed a few supplies that I already had on hand; Contact paper, tape, white pompoms, and a marker. I printed a sheep coloring page from the web (do a search for “sheep template” or “sheep printable”), traced it onto the Contact paper with a permanent marker,  and taped it sticky-side-out onto a window.

Sticky Sheep @ Twodaloo (

At first, my little ones just explored the paper and the sheep, naming all the sheep’s body parts and touching exclaiming over the sticky paper.

Sticky Sheep @ Twodaloo (

Then I scattered a bag of white pompoms in a variety of sizes across the window sill.  The twins began sticking them on the paper right away, chattering about the “soft balls” and baa-ing like little sheep.

Sticky Sheep @ Twodaloo (

 My little guy liked the tiny poms the most- he called them “eyes” and tried them on for size a few times.

Sticky Sheep @ Twodaloo (

 Sweet baby fingers 😉

Sticky Sheep @ Twodaloo (

Fun farm fine motor and sticky sensory play. Say that three times fast!

*Thank you Craft Project for the white pompoms*

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Sticky Sheep Fine Motor Activity


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  1. Adorable! (the kids and the sheep!)

  2. What a super adorable and fun idea!! Contact paper is now on my “need to buy” list!

  3. These are so cute! Popping over from B-inspired Mama Linky.

  4. I love this idea. I tried it today with my 24 month old. She enjoyed the sticky paper however, the poms wouldn’t stick. What brand of contact paper did you buy? I picked mine up from dollar tree in the drawer liner section.

    • Stephanie says:

      I’m so glad you tried it, but sad it didn’t work for you! We used the Contact brand shelf liner that we got at Walmart, I believe. I seem to remember that some of the larger, heavier pompoms did fall off our sheep eventually, but they definitely stuck well enough to play with. I hope you have better luck getting some other items to stick, because sticky paper is so great for toddler play!

      • Thank you! I’m going to try a different shelf liner & see if that will work for us. The one I had wouldn’t even hold the small poms longer than a few seconds. We still had some fun with it. I took it off the window and attached it to a flat surface it lost the effect with the poms, but she enjoyed touching the sticky with her hands & feet and would touch the sticky part then touch on the opposite of her where it wasn’t sticky.
        I’m going to try tissue paper scraps and see if they will stick, maybe that liner wont be a total loss :)

  5. This is such a cute idea! I tried it with my 27 month old son, but he didn’t like it as much as I did! We did switch to cotton balls, as they seemed to stick better! I wrote about it on my blog as part of a farm theme at Thanks again for sharing such a cute idea!

  6. this is a good idea for toddler. I gotta try this activity for my class



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