Toddler Art: Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree

What do you get when you throw three rowdy toddlers, a roll of bubble wrap, copious amounts of finger paint, and a couple of arty mamas in the backyard on a summer morning?

Toddler Art: Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo

How about a psychedelic rainbow bubble wrap tree?

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo

 We used our plastic art table as a giant palette for our paints.

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo

 The kids had just as much fun with the table as they did painting the tree!

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo

Yup. That’s my boy. Body surfing on the paint table.

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo

 Did I mention there was a jolly baby in the mix? He had his very own paint bag and all the dirt his little heart desired!

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo

 Things got a tad messy.

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo

Our clean up tub didn’t stand a chance.

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo

But our tree sure looks fancy now!

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree at Twodaloo
This was a fun process art activity that combined art, sensory play, and nature in one awesome experience. If you have little ones, it’s totally worth a try!

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  1. This is so cool!

  2. I have one year old twin boys who were born 10 weeks early and could really benefit from all of your amazing activities!!!! Is it possible somewhere on your site to look back to see all the activities you did when your little ones were one so I can get ideas that more age appropriate for my little guys??? Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

    • Stephanie says:

      How old are your twins, Stacy?

      • They turned one on June 18th but their due date was suppose to be August 26th. So they are almost at their one year corrected age. They currently receive early intervention with the help of a developmental interventionist, physical therapist for one of the boys and phenomenal occupational therapist who directed me to your site. I follow your blog and am WOWED constantly buy your knowledge and creativity! I love your ideas! Unfortunately they are not applicable to my little guys developmentally. Any guidance to would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

  3. This looks soooo pretty! I especially liked the child who rubbed his belly on the painted table!

  4. My littles would ADORE this. So much fun. We are really into decorating trees at the moment :) This would be so fun….oh and I have a picture of Jack body surfing in paint too :) Such fun.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks, Kate! Awesome to hear you say that…I think the first place I ever saw bubble wrap painting was your gorgeous site!

  5. Yup that’s for sure what my grad kids would do

  6. These photos make me smile. What fun!!

  7. What a fantastic project! Did the kids ever start popping the bubble wrap? We did a collage here last week using bubble wrap and a lot of the kids spent quite a bit of time popping the bubble wrap!

  8. Truly messy and they all look so happy

  9. Looks like loads of messy, messy fun! Thanks for adding this to the outdoor play party this week.

  10. Love the pretty colors and the gooey little hands. What fun!
    My blog hop goes live this Tuesday night 7pm EDT. I would love it if you’d stop by and share this, and other, posts. New follower, fan, subscriber here. And you’ve been added to my Favorites list. Don’t want to miss any of your creative posts!!!
    Ducks ‘n a Row


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