Kid-Made Gift: Crayon Resist Photo Display

Hi friends! We’re back with another installment in the ongoing series “Easy Art For Kids” where I join some of my favorite art moms to bring you a collection of art ideas to try with your little ones. This week’s theme was “Exploring Crayons,” so the twins and I used the opportunity to create some kid-made gifts using a fun and easy crayon resist technique.  After you check out our project, be sure to visit the other participating blogs via the links at the end of the posts to see how they explored crayons with their kids!

 Kid-Made Gift: Crayon Resist Photo Display

Kid-Made Gift Idea: Crayon Resist String Art Photo Display

I love projects where I can allow the twins to explore new materials while creating something functional and/or beautiful that can be displayed in our home or given as a gift.  While I was brainstorming ideas for this project, I came across a post over at The Artful Parent (who as a lover of creative things I highly suggest following) describing a technique I’d never seen- melted crayon art on wood.  Knowing we have a garage full of odd wood scraps and a few family birthdays coming up, I thought we’d experiment and see what we could come up with.

drawing on warm wood

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To begin, I found two smallish boards, dusted them off, and placed them on a cookie sheet in our oven (preheated to 350°) for a few minutes until they were very warm.  Jean (Artful Parent) had mentioned in her post that the wood did not retain heat the way other materials might, so she felt safe allowing her toddler to participate. I found the same to be true in our case- even though I used oven mitts to remove the wood pieces from the oven, 30 seconds later the pieces were ok to touch with bare hands.  I gave the twins their favorite crayons and let them have at it- the crayons melted slightly as they drew on the wood, but not enough to drip. The color just went on a bit thicker and more vibrant than they would have sans heating.

Painting over the crayon

 After the kids were done coloring on their boards, I introduced three colors of liquid watercolors and brushes.

liquid watercolor on crayon

As you can see from the photos, the watercolors didn’t soak into the wood right away (these boards were from pieces of weather sealed lumber, so that probably made a difference, too) but we just let the paint sit and it eventually penetrated the wood.

Applying liquid watercolors over crayon drawings

It turned out to be SUCH a cool effect- I love how colors of crayon that only faintly showed on the wood were made to pop after painted over with the watercolors, and the twins were totally engrossed.

drawing on the paint

They also did a fair amount of experimenting with the different mediums- Will was really into trying to color over the little puddles of paint with his crayons.

before and after Here’s a before and after of one of the small art pieces.

large crayon drawing

While each kiddo got their own small board to work on, I also pulled out this massive piece of wood that I had stripped several years ago as part of an abandoned furniture project for them to create together. We skipped the heating of the wood step (no way this would fit in my oven) and just colored and painted with abandon- still turned out pretty awesome 😉

large watercolor painting

Once the wood dried I proceeded to pound some nails into it and use some jute twine to create some haphazard string art.

Large finished string art

Although it does look sorta neat just like that, this one will be used in Daddy’s office to display photos and all the artwork the twins bestow upon him on a weekly basis 😉

Kid-Made Gift: Crayon Resist Photo Display

Interested in the developmental benefits of art? Here’s my post on how to build language with art– it’s good stuff!

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Crayon Resist String Art Photo Display


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  1. This is beautiful Stephanie! Really love it. Have been wanting to make something along these lines with my girls forever. Thanks for inspiring me!!

  2. Love the wood idea! I bet your kids thought it was pretty cool to work on wood and be able to just go to town scribbling and painting all over it. And that you turned it into something you can keep out- very cool!

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! We have a gazillion pieces of scrap woods kicking around. We’ve used crayon and paint on them but never together and never having first heated the wood. I am so excited to try this because I just know that Peanut will get right into it. Thanks for the inspiration, Stephanie! Really great creative activity!!

  4. I just love this project all around! The color, the strings, everything!

  5. lovely :)


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