Watermelon Volcano Small World

Hi friends! This week’s Discover & Explore theme is Dinosaurs and Fossil Fun. For our post, I thought I’d share a fun dinosaur small world activity we did as part of a marathon two weeks of watermelon activities this summer.

Watermelon volcano small world-- part of a watermelon-themed activity post at Twodaloo

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I can’t take credit for this idea- my husband actually came up with it. He isn’t usually that excited about helping me think of activities, so when he suggested this, I knew we had to try it.  To set up, I took an empty plastic water bottle and a funnel and let the twins help me add baking soda, a packet of watermelon Koolaid, red glitter, and a few healthy squirts of dish soap.  I’d give you measurements, but I was doing this with TWO TODDLERS. A loose estimate would be 1/4 cup of baking soda, but who knows how much actually made it into the bottle?

After the ingredients were added, I placed the bottle in a plastic tupperware bin and set half of our empty watermelon on top.  I had previously cut a hole in the end large enough to go over the mouth of the bottle (see photo for reference). Then, I decided to make it into a small world for our dinosaurs by adding black beans, the scented watermelon rice leftover from our sensory rice activity, some cuttings from our garden, and a random deer horn from our nature collection.  I even added a “pond” made  of large flat glass gems.

Watermelon volcano small world- part of a watermelon-themed activity post at Twodaloo

Then, the fun could really begin! We used our funnel to add about 1/4 cup vinegar to the bottle and watched the pink, glittery, watermelon-scented foam gush out of the mouth of the “bolcado” and into the dinosaurs‘ habitat.

Watermelon volcano small world- part of a watermelon-themed activity post at Twodaloo

Watermelon volcano small world- part of a watermelon-themed activity post at Twodaloo

We found that when the reaction slowed, we could stir the bottle up with a stick and get it going again.

Watermelon volcano small world- part of a watermelon-themed activity post at Twodaloo

After we ran out of baking soda, the twins played in the now-soupy dinosaur landscape for quite awhile. It was hilarious to listen to their dialogue as they pretended to be dinosaurs stuck in the “hot waba.”  As a speech therapist, I LOVE small world play for language development- you can read more about why and how in my post Building Language with Small World Play.

Watermelon volcano small world- part of a watermelon-themed activity post at Twodaloo

Way to go, Daddy! Best idea EVER!

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