Toddler Art Tuesdays: Fun with Fingerpaint!

Hello, friends, and welcome to our second installment of  Toddler Art Tuesdays! If you missed last week’s introductory post, I am teaming up with Lindsay from You are the Roots to bring you a fun post all about art activities for toddlers every Tuesday for the entire month of April. This month’s theme…fingerpaint!

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

Here at the Twodaloo house, we LOVE fingerpaint.  We love the bright colors and the way they swirl together and mix to create new shades.  We love the way it feels squishing between our fingers, toes, and sometimes even on our tummies.  This week we decided to take our fingerpaint outdoors into the gorgeous spring weather and use it to decorate the perfect giant canvas…an oversized cardboard box!

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

The twins knew exactly what to do the moment I put the tray of paints in colorful bowls down on the green grass.  They immediately began scooping up handfuls of paint and spreading it joyfully all over the box.  As you can see above, it did take a little convincing to get Miss Priss to give up her purse for art time 😉

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

As usual, Will went for the full-body experience.  Except this time he didn’t stop at his own body. He had to get mine, too!

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

After adding all the fingerpaint we had to the box, the twins found our sidewalk chalk and began scribbling on the box around and through the paint.  They discovered that if they got too much paint on the chalk it would stop working, but they could get it going again by rubbing it in the grass.  They also experimented with natural items by trying to paint with flowers, sticks, and leaves from the yard with varying results.

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

After the box was decorated to their satisfaction, the twins decided that it made the perfect cave for two baby bears, and eventually convinced Mama bear to put the camera down and give it a try, too.  All in all, it was a fun afternoon for everyone!

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

We have used fingerpaint for lots of fun activities lately.  Here is a picture from my instagram feed of painting on a paper-covered table with fingerpaint and tiny potatoes.  Although this activity hasn’t quite made it to the blog yet, here are a few more of our activities that have and their corresponding posts:

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

1. Farm Painting    2. Flour-based Body Paint   3. Fingerpainting on a Giant Foil Canvas

Also on our fingerpainting “bucket list” for this spring is using fingerpaint on bubble wrap, mirrors, our light table, and windows.  Things are going to get quite messy around here!

Just in case you needed more inspiration to get painting, I compiled a few more ideas from fabulous kid bloggers:

Doesn’t this look fun? This mom let her little boy paint on a mega-scale…she said it turned into a fingerpaint slip-n-slide!

Play Create Explore: Large Scale Fingerpainting

Play Create Explore: Large-Scale Fingerpainting!

Here are a few more activities to get your wheels turning…

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

1. Textured Fingerpainting from Freshly Planted

2. Resist Art Fingerpainting by Hands on: as we grow

3. Glitter Fingerpainting by Freshly Planted

Looking for some toddler-friendly fingerpaint recipes? We’ve got you covered!

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

1. DIY Non-toxic Fingerpaint by Easie Peasie at Red Ted Art

2. Shiny Fingerpaint at Child Central Station

3. Homemade Edible Fingerpaint for Babies at Play Create Explore

4. Edible Sensory Paint at Train Up a Child

5. Fingerpaint for Kids at Creative Connections for Kids

6. Homemade Edible Fingerpaint Recipe at the Imagination Tree

Fun with Fingerpaint at Twodaloo

That’s it for this week’s installment of Toddler Art Tuesdays. Next week we will be sharing all about suncatchers…I can’t wait!  Now, hop on over to You are the Roots and see what Lindsay has cooked up for you- she always does the best activities with her little guy!

You Are The Roots


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  1. Thanks for sharing our finger paint recipe! Kristi

  2. I love that photo with the twins in a box! Great activity.

  3. Thanks so much for including us in such a fun painting post! <3 Pinning and sharing!

  4. I love this and the twins in the box! So much fun!!!!

  5. What a fun project! We’ve definitely got cardboard and paint around, so I’m sure we’ll have to give this a try soon. :)

  6. Wow, painting a big cardboard box looks like so much fun!
    P.S. I love that your daughter has a purse hooked around her arm. Too cute!

  7. Yay! Love toddler art Tuesday. I have a million cardboard boxes that I’ve been piling up figuring I’d find something to do with them and now I have a solution. Love your pics. Too cute!

  8. This made me smile! Last summer, after reading Mouse Paint 40 gazillion times, I spread a long sheet of paper out on our patio, loaded a tray up with primary colors of paint, and we walked all over and through it. Between the sand and the rough cement of the patio, it dried as this three-dimensional, slightly-crinkled piece of art…it’s still up on our wall! We had so much fun making it.

  9. Featured you on Mom’s Library this week!

  10. Stephanie, this made me smile — loved seeing all the paint exploration and messy fun! :) Thanks for sharing at Stress-Free Sunday! I’m going to feature this post tomorrow.


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