Preschool Craft Idea: Colorful Spring Suncatchers

Hi friends! Spring is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner, both of which are great reasons to make this fun spring suncatcher craft with your little ones! This preschool craft idea was inspired by some beautiful paper strip Easter egg art I saw over at Julep blog, and my twins had such a great time creating these to brighten our windows one afternoon this week. In addition to being just plain fun, there are tons of great developmental skills you can target through this activity, which I will talk about in more detail at the end of the post.

Preschool Craft Idea: Colorful Spring Suncatchers

Preschool Craft Idea: Colorful Spring Suncatchers

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To make these colorful sun catchers, you will need:

  • Clear Contact Paper, 18″ x 9′
  • Solid colored paper (we used card stock in various primary colors)
  • Translucent plastic dividers of various colors (I inserted the Amazon link of some dividers for your reference, but you can find these at any store with office supplies- we found ours at Walmart for under $2) cut into strips of various lengths and widths
  • Scissors
  • Marker for tracing

How to make spring sun catchers collage

First, cut a shape out of the center of your sheet of colored paper (photo #1). We did eggs and butterflies for spring.  Next, roll out your Contact paper, place your piece of colored paper on top of the clear side (not the paper backing), and trace around the outside of your colored paper AND around the inside of your middle cutout. Then, cut your piece of Contact paper around the outside square only (do NOT cut out the middle shape). Peel the backing off of your piece of Contact paper and secure it, sticky side up, to a solid surface (we used our table top) with tape to prevent rolling (photo #2). Now, take your pile of plastic strips and have your child use them to fill in the shape in the middle of your Contact paper, using the outline you traced as a guide (photo #3).  After your child is satisfied with his/her creation, take your piece of solid paper, match the cutout with the outline of the shape on your Contact paper, and place it on top of your sticky paper (photo #4). If your child left enough of a sticky border around his/her center shape, you won’t need to do anything extra to secure the paper overlay to your Contact paper.  Now you have a gorgeous, colorful sun catcher to brighten your windows for spring!

Developmental Skills

Pressing down the colored strips

This activity targets the following developmental skills and learning objectives:

  • Fine motor skills: For children who are ready for scissors, this activity offers a chance for plenty of cutting practice- you’ll need lots and lots of plastic strips! Placing the strips on the egg, pressing them down, and smoothing them out is also great for those little muscles.
  • Vocabulary development: The process of placing the colored strips in your cutout is a natural time to talk about the basic concepts of long/short and thick/thin, as well as learning the names of spring symbols and colors.
  • Early math: Depending on the age/developmental level/interest level of your child, you can use this activity as a playful way to introduce early math concepts such as counting, sorting and ordering (by size and color), and patterning.

Beautiful rainbow butterfly sun catcher

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Preschool craft idea: Colorful Spring Suncatchers


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  1. I love the colors! Great idea for the materials!

  2. I’ve tried this project before with tissue paper. It works great!