Soft Tree and Presents Play Set!

In light of our current Christmas tree obsession, I thought I would sneak in one more Christmas tree activity post before D-day!  This is one that I spent a fair amount of time on, but my itty-bitties love it, so it was totally worth it!

At the beginning of the holiday season, I saw a cute felt Christmas tree set with button-on ornaments in a commercial catalog.  However, my little ones aren’t quite ready for buttons yet, and I really didn’t want to pay for something I knew I could make myself. After some brainstorming and a fair amount of Googling, I came up with my own version, complete with a set of soft color-matching presents!

To make the tree, I used some green fleece that I scored as a remnant at Hobby Lobby. After consulting several tutorials, I settled on this method that I found at Squawkfox and got to work.  The tutorial I linked actually has a printable pattern to make a six-inch tree, but I wanted a bigger one so I made my own pattern using one of my Sticky Christmas Trees.  I simply took the poster board cone, traced around the bottom for the circular piece of fleece, and then cut a slit up the side of the tree, flattened it out, and traced around it for the body piece.  After sewing and stuffing the tree with polyfil, I sewed two circles together to make a pouch, filled it with rice, and then slipped it into the bottom of the tree to weigh it down before I hand-stitched it closed.

No Christmas tree is complete without decorations, so I used my glue gun to attach some sparkly ric-rac for garland and then attached velcro dots for the ornaments.

To make ornaments, I simply took novelty buttons from the craft store (the twins always end up with a packet of them somehow after a visit to Hobby Lobby) and attached them with hot glue to some small felt shapes. This provided a base for the velcro dots I used to stick them to the tree.  To make the shapes more sturdy, I doubled them and fused the layers together with fusible webbing before quickly zizagging around the outside with my sewing machine.  I also took some large round buttons and added the velcro dots directly to the back.  And of course, I made a large star for the top to complete the tree!

To make the felt “presents,” I sewed some colorful cubes using this tutorial from Handmade Matters.

Then my daughter confiscated them and refused to allow me to work on them for several days 😉

When I was able to get the presents back, I created some felt “bows” for the tops of them using a method similar to this one at A Pumpkin and A Princess. I then mounted them on a square of felt and attached velcro dots to make them detachable.  This way they can be used for color matching practice or be interchanged to make different combinations.  Fun!

As you can see, the twins really like their soft tree and presents.  W is obsessed with all things with wheels, so he enjoys placing the transportation ornaments on the tree (and taking them off, and eating with them on the table, and sleeping with them…).

S simply tries to hoard the entire play set in her lap so she can give it hugs whenever the urge strikes.

She even sneaks a few kisses in, too 😉


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  1. Oh, absolutely love this project!! Thanks for the inspiration and happy Christmas!

  2. LOVE it- wish i could sew!

  3. This is so stinkin’ cute! I love the way you used the buttons to make the little ornaments. Keep up the good work, Mama!


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