Sensory Activities for Kids: Galaxy Oobleck

Hello friends! Long time no see, eh? It’s been a tad crazy here at Twodaloo central- we’re moving to a new house and I’m also getting ready to start my new job at our cooperative preschool in a couple of weeks, so until then things will continue to be a bit quiet around here. However, I do have an activity to share with you today (faint and fall over, right?)…this one has been rolling around in my head since we did our night sky unit back in the spring, and I decided to shove packing aside for the afternoon to play with the twins after they straight up BEGGED me to PLEASE let them make a mess ūüėČ So, without further fanfare, I give you…

How to Make Galaxy Oobleck


Ok, now tell me that isn’t the most beautiful oobleck EVER. After looking at lots of glorious galaxy images from the web, I mixed up a few different batches of oobleck in galaxy colors, swirled them together with a ton of glitter, and there ya go. I kid you not, it was mesmerizing. And it looks JUST like the swirling nebula that make galaxies so intriguing.


Seriously. How could you not love this? And what kid could resist digging his/her hands in immediately?


Not mine, I’ll tell you that.


Oobleck is one of their favorite sensory materials- they love how it behaves like a solid one minute and a liquid the next, and adding color and sparkle to swirl around made it even more awe-inspiring for them.


Although Han Solo had a bit of a rough day, poor guy.

Ready to Make Your Own?

You will need:

  • Cornstarch (cornflour in the U.K.- I used around two boxes)
  • Water
  • Liquid watercolors¬†(I linked to our favorite brand on Amazon)
  • Glitter (super fine looks the best)

To make our “galaxy,” I made four different colors of oobleck- black, violet, turquoise, and silver. My measurements were nonexistent- for each color I made, I dumped some cornstarch into a cereal bowl, added several squirts of liquid watercolors in my chosen shade, and then added water a little at a time until I got the right consistency. If you’ve never made oobleck before, you want to add water until the mixture is smooth and thick to handle, but feels hard when you tap on it. After I was satisfied with each batch, I dumped in copious amounts of super fine glitter in the shades I was working with- I had a nifty multipack of colors so I had plenty to choose from! After my colors were finished, I swirled them together in a large glass pan.


As you can see, we made quite a mess! What I love about using our favorite liquid watercolors instead of food coloring is that it doesn’t stain our skin during play, and we don’t need a lot to get vibrant colors. We did cover the floor with a disposable plastic tablecloth to protect the grout from possible stains (after all, we are moving!) and it also makes cleanup much easier. ¬†We wore play clothes ¬†to be on the safe side, but the color washed right out as usual (we threw them in the wash right after playtime). Cornstarch oobleck is safe for little ones who mouth (although not tasty), but please supervise closely or skip the coloring and glitter if your little one is still tasting sensory materials.

Developmental Skills

This activity is a fun form of sensory play, which is great for all areas of development. Here are some of my most popular posts on the benefits of sensory play- be sure to check them out!

Our galaxy oobleck also stimulates cognitive development as the children observe the different ways the oobleck behaves (i.e. when poured vs. when squeezed) and draw conclusions about how it will move in new situations. The activity also provided a chance to learn about color mixing as the twins observed what happened as the different colors overlapped and swirled together.

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