Rainbow Crystal Light Table Play

Hi friends! In my last post, I shared our super easy recipe for Sparkly Rainbow Crystals. I also mentioned that we had been having all sorts of fun playing with them, so I thought I’d share one of our first activities with you today- a simple exploration on the light table. We’ve actually done this multiple times over the past week, and the twins have played with them differently each time. It’s safe to say that my kiddos are just as fascinated by playing with light as I am!

Rainbow Crystal Light Table Play at Twodaloo

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For the initial invitation, I kept it simple- three half-pint canning jars full of crystals (we used turquoise, yellow, and purple this time), three small measuring spoons, our light panel, and four little hands (not for sale).

 Jars of Rainbow Crystals on the Light Table at Twodaloo

 The little hands got right to work scooping, pouring, sprinkling, and spooning.

Scooping Rainbow Crystals on the Light Table at Twodaloo

This was a very calming and almost mesmerizing activity for them. They loved mixing the colors together and looking at the different patterns. So much language- “Look Mommy, it’s the beautiful sun!” “Oh Mommy, it’s wonderland snow!” I heard lots of descriptive vocabulary and tons of storytelling and pretend play.

  Making Patterns with Rainbow Crystals on the Light Table at Twodaloo

It was so fun to share in their excitement and watch them explore the material. Eventually they added Magna-Tiles and LEGO people (we got a whole set of them for Christmas- best purchase EVER) and built fantastic “ice castles” for the whole family. You’ll have to excuse me for not taking photos- I was too busy enjoying their imaginations! Watching the way they interacted with the simple substance gave me lots of ideas for new activities/explorations that will be coming your way soon.

Exploring Rainbow Crystals on the Light Table at Twodaloo

If you’d like to make your own sparkly rainbow crystals, you can see the recipe HERE.

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  1. I was wondering what you were going to do with those beautiful crystals! Your kids must have loved this!

  2. I would think I would be mesmerized by this activity – I can just imagine how much the kids liked it….


  1. […] Obviously, use common sense with this material. If your little one is still mouthing, save it until they are older because you don’t want them ingesting watercolors or large amounts of salt. We didn’t have any issues with the watercolors transferring back onto our hands or clothing from the salt, but be cautious until you know that your crystals are thoroughly dry. Other than that, you should be good to go!  Wanna see what we did with the crystals? Check out these posts: Rainbow Crystals on the Light Table […]