Toddler Art Idea: Powder Paint Suncatcher

Hello, lovelies!

Today I’m sharing a simple process art activity that also yields a beautiful product to brighten up your windows- it’s a win-win! These powder paint suncatchers are perfect for active toddlers and make a great play date activity.

Powder Paint Suncatcher at Twodaloo

The Process

Two create this colorful art piece, you only need three ingredients: powdered tempera paint (we used Colorations from Discount School Supply), Contact paper (clear adhesive shelf paper), and tape.

Powder Paint Suncatcher at Twodaloo

We did this activity out in our sunny backyard as a play date activity. I’m not shy when it comes to messes, but even I would hesitate before doing this indoors! To begin, I placed several trays filled with a rainbow of paint powder outside for the twins and their buddy to explore.

While they were getting acquainted with the soft powder, I covered a sheet of scrap particle board with a big piece of Contact paper, taping it down sticky side out. Then I balanced the board against the climbing wall of our swing set.

Powder Paint Suncatcher at Twodaloo

After moving the trays of paint powder to the grass, I stepped back and let the kids have at it. And boy, did they have fun!

Powder Paint Suncatcher at Twodaloo

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see a shower of tempera powder raining down on the paper. It was so fun to watch them all get into it!

The Product

Powder Paint Suncatcher at Twodaloo

After they were done, we had a fantastically bright work of art. The kids proceeded to use the extra powder to mix into our water table and sand box. While they were occupied, I shook the excess powder off the paper and taped the whole thing in one of our front windows with artist’s tape (similar to the painter’s tape you get from hardware stores; peels right off the window when you are done).

Powder Paint Suncatcher at Twodaloo

Upon closer inspection, it looks really similar to melted crayon suncatchers (like my butterflies HERE), but much easier and the kids can be involved in every step. Plus, you won’t grate the skin off your knuckles in the process. And when you are ready to take it down, just wipe down your windows to get any lingering paint- since the powder is dry, you shouldn’t have a ton of it remaining on the window.

Powder Paint Suncatcher at Twodaloo
We’ve had this up for several days now and the kids love to rub their hands over its surface, admiring the layers of color. What a great way to pay homage to the end of summer sunshine!




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  1. Love the simplicity of it – and the beautiful outcome! A fine farewell to summer and some lovely colour to ease us into winter. Super creative idea! So glad i stopped by for a visit!

  2. Ah what an awesome idea! This is definitely something we’ll be trying… :)


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