Party Favors: Oreo Pumpkin Pops

Today I thought I would share these fun pumpkin party favors that I made for Mama Tex’s Little Pumpkin shower.  These would be cute for a Halloween party or for a Thanksgiving celebration…maybe the centerpiece for the kids’ table?

Pumpkin Party Favors

The pumpkin pops are actually Double Stuff Oreos dipped in orange Wilton Candy Melts. The stems are green Tic-Tacs.  To create the pops, I followed this tutorial from Mindy Long.  You can hop over there for the full tutorial, but to summarize, I stuck lollipop sticks into the centers of the Oreos, dipped them in the candy melts, and added the Tic-Tacs while the candy was still wet. Once they were dry, I drizzled more melted candy on top to get the zig-zag effect you see here.  MUCH quicker and easier than cake pops, and just as cute!

Pumpkin Party Favors

When they were dry, I placed the pops in plastic treat bags and tied on some simple, handwritten “Thank You” tags with small blue ribbon.

Pumpkin Party Favors

For the presentation, I found a cute, rustic basket on the clearance aisle at JoAnn’s.  I also picked up a foam block from the floral area.

Pumpkin Party Favors

I began by placing the foam block inside the basket.

Pumpkin party favors

To fill in the gaps, I crumpled up some turquoise tissue paper and stuffed it down the sides. (These photos were taken after the party using the leftovers, so ignore the holes in the foam.)

Then I pushed the lollipop sticks down into the foam.

sticks in foam

To cover the foam, I used a bag of candy corn and a bag of miniature pumpkins.

add candy

For the “Take One” sign, I resurrected a small wooden craft board that I had painted with chalkboard paint for another project. I found it in the wood crafting section of Michaels.

chalkboard sign

I wrote on it with chalk and then hot glued some jute twine to the back.  I really wanted to drill holes in the corners, but seeing as it was after midnight the night I did this, I thought firing up the drill would be inconsiderate 😉

hot gluesign on basket

After the glue dried, I tied the sign onto the handles so it hung on the front of the basket.

Pumpkin Party Favors

And there you have it!  A fun pumpkin-themed treat for your party guests. Enjoy!


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  1. These are so cute! I love the way they’re stuck in the basket. I saw lollipops stuck into a pumpkin (I think on Martha Stewart) but I thought the sticks would get all gross, this is definitely better.

  2. Adorable! Love these! Can’t wait to check out the entire shower. I’m stopping by via Whipper Berry! Great job! <3 Heidi Rew from

  3. These are mouth watering!!! want to have those lollipops now! :) Happy Halloween everyone! I love it the way it is arrange and the colors are so nice!

  4. What a cute idea! I love that there is an Oreo hidden in the pumpkin.

  5. Hi! Can’t wait to try these for my grand children’s birthday. How far in advance can these be done?


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