Apple Sensory Play With Dyed Beans


Hello friends! We had a great time exploring apples last week, both at school with my students (ages 2 and 3) and at home with the twins (almost 4...sniff!). Here's a sensory and art material that all the kids have been enjoying...dyed beans in apple colors! After seeing these adorable tiny apples over at Fun-A-Day, I knew I wanted to create … {read more}

Easy Apple Sensory Bottles


This week in the two- and three-year-old class, we are exploring apples! As a lover of all things autumnal, I have been chomping at the bit to start incorporating it into our activities, and I finally got my wish today. The children were fascinated and a good time was had by all...and it's only Monday! I'll post a recap of all our activities after … {read more}

Preschool Classroom Design: A Cozy Corner


Hi friends! Our preschool year has officially begun, and my sweet little students and I have been working hard on getting our daily rhythm down and adjusting to our new routine. So many beautiful things have been happening in this little classroom, and I'll be sharing more with you over the coming weeks. For now, I thought I'd give you a peek into … {read more}

Preschool Classroom Design: “Before” Photos


So have I mentioned lately that I start a new job in two weeks? Yeah. Kinda freaking out. In case you missed it, I took a job as a teacher of the 2s and 3s classroom at our little cooperative preschool to begin this fall. And even though it's currently eleventy million degrees outside in Texas, the school year is upon us. I'm excited, … {read more}

Sensory Activities for Kids: Galaxy Oobleck


Hello friends! Long time no see, eh? It's been a tad crazy here at Twodaloo central- we're moving to a new house and I'm also getting ready to start my new job at our cooperative preschool in a couple of weeks, so until then things will continue to be a bit quiet around here. However, I do have an activity to share with you today (faint and fall … {read more}

Giving Power To Your Child’s Words: Encouraging Literacy Through Meaningful Activities


If you've been reading Twodaloo for awhile, you know that I promote meaningful, organic literacy experiences for young children.  You can read more about meaningful literacy here, and also get some ideas for creating a literacy-rich environment. My twins (age 3.5) don't know the alphabet song. They can identify some of the letters in their names … {read more}

Big Process Art: Rainbow Ice Painting


A few weeks ago I led a messy art camp at our cooperative preschool. Toward the end of the week we had a Frozen/ice-themed day that everyone loved- it was a great way to beat the Texas heat! One of the simple activities I made was a huge bowl of colored ice cubes for ice painting.  I brought an old sheet to use as our canvas and spread it on the … {read more}

Bubble Activities for Kids


What kid isn't fascinated by bubbles? As a speech therapist, bubbles were a staple in my bag of tricks, guaranteed to get the most reluctant little ones engaged and communicating. At messy art camp this summer, bubble day was a fan favorite, keeping our diverse group of children ages 2-5 gleefully entertained for hours. And for my own twins (age … {read more}

Rainbow Burst Oobleck


Ever since the twins were very small, the simple combination of cornstarch and water has never failed to fascinate them. If you haven't played with oobleck (otherwise known as "goop" or "cornstarch slime"), you are in for a treat- as a non-Newtonian fluid, oobleck acts like a liquid one moment and a solid the next. As the twins have gotten older … {read more}