Melted Bead Watermelon Suncatcher

Hi friends!

The twins and I are getting ready to take a trip to see my grandparents, but I thought I would share a quick craft that we did “just for fun” this morning, continuing along with our Summer Fun theme…melted bead watermelon sun catchers!

Melted Bead Watermelon Suncatcher

Melted  bead sun catchers  are nothing new by any means…I first read about them on the Artful Parent, but have seen the idea all over the place.  I gave the twins a bowl of beads and a few containers to sort and play with (they weren’t super interested in making their own sun catcher today) and came up with this pattern on a bit of a whim.  I used cheap faceted plastic beads for the green and red portions of the watermelon, and black glass beads (they don’t melt) for the seeds.  Once I had the pattern (see photo below), I stuck it in a 400° oven and watched until the beads had melted satisfactorily (about 15-20 minutes).  We didn’t experience much smell from the plastic at all, but have done this craft on the past outside on the grill with the same success if you are worried about possible fumes.

Melted Bead Watermelon Suncatcher

When the beads were melted, I removed the pan from the oven and made a small hole in the still-gooey plastic with the end of a nail.  The sun catcher popped right out when it had cooled and I hung it in our front window with a piece of fishing line.  Super easy and beautiful!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous craft, Stephanie! We’ve never melted beads here, but this makes me think we need to give it a try!

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