Tot School: The Color Yellow

*Ages: Twins- 20 months actual, 18 months adjusted; Tex- 20 months

For the past few weeks our tot school activities have centered around colors.  We decided to do a unit focusing on each color, starting with yellow. Meetings with Tex and his mama have been sporadic due to traveling, company, and the fact that my family seems to have contracted every illness known to man all at the same time.  The twins and I wrapped up our yellow unit last week and started on the color red.  Next, I think we’ll mix the two to make orange for an excuse to break out the pumpkin activities 😉

Here are some ways we celebrated the color yellow. All of these ideas could be adapted to any color you are working on. Enjoy!

Things we did at Tex’s house:

1. Dye pasta tubes yellow with food coloring and string on yellow cord or yarn.

2. Have a yellow scavenger hunt. Scatter yellow items around the house and gather them up in yellow buckets.

3. Use unpopped popcorn as material for sensory and dump n’ fill play.

4. Create masterpieces with yellow paint

A few things we did on our own:

5. Another way to have fun with paint- Spice Bottle Stampers

6. Try a Bubble Hunt and Size Sorting activity using household items.

Need more ideas for yellow activities? Here is a page from Preschool Express devoted to ideas for learning about the color yellow…some of these activities will be perfect for the spring when the twins are a few months older.

And here’s another yellow page from Childcare Lounge; I like this one because it has lots of songs, rhymes, and fingerplays as well as suggested books for the color yellow.


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  1. I love this idea! I am always looking for new ideas to do with my toddler.


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