Jingle Bell Ankle Bracelets with Dyed Wooden Beads

This week’s Discover & Explore theme is “Indoor Games and Play,” and I wanted to share one of our favorite diversions when stuck inside due to crummy weather…music time! Music is a big part of our day at the Twodaloo house, and we are known to have an impromptu toddler jam session/crazy dance party at the drop of a hat. Recently I made rainbow (of course) jingle bell ankle bracelets with dyed wooden beads to encourage stomping, dancing, and downright silliness while listening to our favorite tunes. And I must say, it worked!

Jingle Bell Ankle Bracelets with Dyed Wooden Beads

To make your own jingle bell ankle bracelets, you will need the following (Amazon affiliate links included for reference):

Jingle Bell Ankle Bracelets with Dyed Wooden Beads

If you want to dye your beads, you will need some liquid watercolors. And if you don’t have any yet, you will thank me 1,000 times for making you buy them. SO many uses, people. SO many. If you are interested in purchasing them, HERE is a good basic set (Amazon affiliate link). I’ve had the same set since June and have used them for so many things! Or, if you want to try them but spend less, I just found this sample kit on Amazon today- the bottles are only 1 oz but it would be enough for several projects or painting sessions and less than $15.

To dye my beads, I simply put a few beads in the bottom of a cup, squirted liquid watercolors on top of them, and swirled them around for a minute or so until they were the color I wanted. (Slightly older kids than mine could definitely help with this step.) Then I fished them out and let them dry on paper towels. BEAUTIFUL.

Jingle Bell Ankle Bracelets with Dyed Wooden Beads

*One important thing to note- these beads are not sealed, so if they get wet some of the color will probably bleed. SO if you have a mouther, beware (although they shouldn’t be mouthing beads of this size and/or jingle bells, obviously), or if you plan on letting them stomp in puddles wearing this anklet, make them wear black pants 😉  Otherwise, we’ve been wearing them around the house for days now, and no color has rubbed off on skin or clothing. Just keep ’em dry and you’ll be a-ok.

Jingle Bell Ankle Bracelets with Dyed Wooden Beads

After your beads are dry, measure a piece of elastic to fit around your child’s ankle and string your beads and bells on in whatever pattern you choose.  As you can see from the photo, we did two big beads, a small bead, a bell, and then a small bead again, and then repeated the pattern. It’s neat because that pattern turned the bracelets into triangles when they aren’t being worn. Tie your elastic off, and you’re all set to stomp and dance and run!

Jingle Bell Ankle Bracelets with Dyed Wooden Beads

Side note- do you know how HARD it was to get a photo of both bracelets on the twins at the same time? I took about 20 and got ONE that worked (see above). The rest, well, turned out less-than-optimal. See photo below.

Jingle Bell Ankle Bracelets with Dyed Wooden Beads

I guess that’s a great endorsement for the project, eh? The kids just can’t help but tap their toes when wearing these little ankle bracelets!

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Jingle Bell Ankle Bracelets with Dyed Wooden Beads



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