Indoor Snow Play

Hello friends! Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season!  Here in Dallas, we received a very unexpected Christmas surprise…snow!  Considering we didn’t get so much as a flurry last year, a white Christmas is pretty fantastic.

 Will stomping in the snow at Mimi’s house.

Syd was all smiles!

Since this was the twins’ first experience with snow, I wanted to make it memorable.  The fluffy stuff doesn’t last too long around here, and we are traveling south tomorrow to visit relatives, so this evening we squeezed in a little spur-of-the-moment indoor snow play before bed.

To set up the activity, I first gathered a heap of clean snow from the back yard.  I did this as night was falling, so please excuse the harsh photo quality!

 Next, I mixed a few drops of food coloring into little cups of water to make “snow paint.”

Finally, I spread the snow onto two small cookie sheets and put them on the floor (protected with a vinyl tablecloth) with the colored water, some small spoons, and some Christmas cookie cutters. Then, I called the twins in to investigate the materials.

Both kiddos enjoyed spooning the colored water onto the snow and watching it change colors.

Pretty soon Will decided he needed to take a bolder approach and practice his pouring skills in the process.


Both spent a fair amount of time poking and prodding the snow with their fingers and exclaiming, “Cold, Momma! Cold snow!”

We also found that cookie cutters make really fun snow shapes!


After all the holiday hoopla, sugar, and presents, it was nice to do something relatively low-key with the twins. Aside from stimulating their senses, providing fine motor practice, and encouraging creativity,  hopefully this experience helped them make a fun memory to add to their knowledge base about winter and snow.  At the very least, we all had a great time!

Safe travels and happy New Year to everyone! We are off to sunny south Texas, but will be back with some new posts next week!  Thank you all for following along with us and remember to make time to play!


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  1. I love how you included the cookie cutters! We made indoor snow men last year. It was so fun for the kids to make snowmen if the warmth of the house. (BTW, can’t wait to work with you more in the coming year!!!)

  2. How fun! I get jealous at all the fun snow activities people get to do, since we don’t get snow where we live. What a lovely, fun activity for your kids!